• FlyDive X-Board™ Flight Deck and Hose Kit
  • FlyDive X-Board™ Flight Deck and Hose Kit
  • FlyDive X-Board™ Flight Deck and Hose Kit
  • FlyDive X-Board™ Flight Deck and Hose Kit


FlyDive X-Board™ Flight Deck and Hose Kit

FlyDive X-Board™ Flight Deck and Hose Kit


Hose Length


Start soaring with this X-Board flight deck & hose kit!

Best-in-Class Pricing

Thanks to superior manufacturing, FlyDive is able to offer the highest quality board at a price the competition simply cannot match.

Ease-Of-Use Engineering

The X-Board’s lower foot-to-bearing height and wider stance provide maximum stability for faster learning for beginners and higher performance for pros.


DRS Tech™ stands for Dynamic Response & Stability Technology. It solves two very important performance challenges and makes the X-Board™ the most versatile Hydroflight board in the world. With DRS Tech™, the feet are placed lower and closer to the rotational axis than any other board on the market (half as high). Beginners can now make small balance corrections easily and gain stability naturally, while advanced flyers enjoy better response for quick directional changes during tricks. DRS Tech™ endows the X-Board™ with the widest performance range available, making it the one board the entire family can learn and progress on.

Helix Water Splitter Design

Inside the X-Board's™ float casing lies our proprietary high performance Helix Water Splitter, which sends the high pressure water flowing into the board along a maximized curve radius, decreasing turbulence, enhancing flow and efficiency and maximizing power output. Additionally, the helical design positions jet nozzles directly underneath the rider's feet for a more natural, balanced feel.

X-Board Flight Deck and Hose Kit Includes: (boots and binding sold separately)

X-Board™ Flight Deck

  • All metal parts: Aluminum, finished with top of the line Type III "hard coat" black anodize
  • All screws, nuts, and bolts: marine grade stainless steel
  • Bearing Balls made from Delrin, A hard, slippery, non-water absorbing plastic
  • X-Board™ Float Shell: Durable, impact resistant PolyEthylene Foam filled

Hose Kit and U-bend

  • Same metal and screw production as X-Board™ Flight Deck
  • 112mm diameter, Urethane liner (not very smooth) bonded to a polyester jacket and outside fibers treated with a blue urethane protective treatment
  • Quick Disconnect hose bearing features rollers to enable hose rotation at any angle
  • TSR ( system isolates PWC pump from the "Tug" forces of the hose from the rider, and keeps PWC tracking straight behind hose
Universal Adapter Plate
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6 (aircraft grade) NOT CAST
  • PWC specific hardware for smooth and easy U-bend attachment.

Shipping Weight: 84lbs

Dimensions: 24in x 22in x 16in


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