• Tether Strain Relief Assembly


Tether Strain Relief Assembly

Tether Strain Relief Assembly




Tether Strain Assembly is designed to remove stress at the U-Bend connection. Our unique Tether System connects the Main Supply Hose to the front tow hook of the PWC effectively removing any unnecessary strain in the pump or U-Bend. A Flydive exclusive!


This Kit includes the following items:


  • 443100     1     TSR Ring
  • 443081     2     TSR Clamp
  • 213081     4     TRS Bolt, Stainless Steel
  • 213080     4     TSR Hex Nut, Stainless Steel
  • 763041     1     Tether Strap Subassembly
  • 373025     1     Carabiner Hook, Spring Loaded, Stainless Steel

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